Writing shouldn’t be an obstacle to overcome, but a path to be paved.


Writing can be a huge block. As a visionary who wants to bring your message to the world, you will face the dreaded blank page, the “publish” button looming at the bottom of what you hope is a good article, the wave of stress tied up in shares, follows, and clicks. Even deeper is the part of you that occasionally wonders if any of this is worth saying anyways (it is).

I am a writer/editor/coach based in Calgary, Alberta, and it’s my mission to help you navigate the unruly waters of writing with confidence– digging deep to discover your story and message, tell it to the world with confidence and pizzazz, and inspire people in a way that only you can. Whether you’re writing for your business or writing a book (or both!), I am here to make sure you’re talking your walk and using Oxford commas!