Oh, hi there!


I’m Brittany Veenhuysen: writer, editor, storyteller, question asker, idea spreader, and passionate coffee consumer. Back when I was a wee child, I fell in love with reading, and then shortly after, writing (when I realized I could probably write the stories I so badly wanted to read).

It was a love that led to many hand cramps, writing blocks, heartaches, and eventually university, where I continued to delve into literature and philosophy whilst burning the midnight oil, getting lost in the deep connections between fiction, theory, mindset, philosophy, religion, and politics. And then of course the windy journey after I graduated, which included a technical writing certificate, a “real” job, and then a mad leap into doing what I do best.

Writing at its best persuades, influences, and inspires people through truth and transparency. These days, I work mainly with entrepreneurs and writers like you, with your exhilarating visions, get ‘er done attitude, adventurous spirit, and beautiful insights. I want to help you unearth all the amazing things you have to say and help you say them.

my values

I hold myself accountable to the following five things. If you jive with all of the below, then we’ll get along great!

Genuine Expression

Be true, be bold. It’s about connection, not accumulation. Lead with your story and the values, beliefs, and knowledge you have developed as a result of your experiences. Speak directly to your ideal audience, not in their general direction.


Because life is a big cheeky experiment. Self-expression means committing to practice, not perfectionism. Try different methods of communication and say the scary important things with a deeper drive to connect and resonate. When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean failure, but new clarity and growth.


Are you living and speaking in alignment with your values, purpose, and higher vision? Be courageous and recognize when your values are drifting out of sync with the words spilling onto your page. Don’t be afraid to change your message as your experiences offer up new discoveries, and as your perspective naturally evolves.


No one is an island, not even you, not even if you’re hidden away writing a book. In order to make any business or writing project work, you need to bring everything you’ve got to the table, and seek other people to support, uplift, and create with you. I certainly don’t do everything writing-related, and had to break out of my comfort zone to meet like minds with different skills. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.


Ok, I know, I know. Since you’re here, you probably don’t have as much fun writing as I do. But I am here to make it fun, because expressing your heart and soul can be a pretty good time, and not many people get to do it. If you doubt me, don’t worry, I’ve heard that my childlike enthusiasm for the written word is contagious!