Things I Have Time For: March 2019

I technically gave up “working for the weekend” when I left my job two years ago, but like an old cart travelling down a well-worn road, changing my habits were harder than I expected. It turns out that simply having more time doesn’t automatically lead to using it better.

To this day, even though I work for myself, I subconsciously fill my schedule with busy-ness. I still push experiences I yearn for down my list of priorities. This happens for a lot of reasons, but what comes out of my mouth is: “I don’t have time.” This monthly series, Things I Have Time For, is a way to celebrate what I made time for this month, and look forward to the next month! Practice makes perfect. Join me! What did you have time for this month?


Things I had time for in March:

1. Writing this blog on my front stoop in bright sunlight and -3˚C because it’s so much warmer than the -33˚ it was only two weeks ago. Toasting my neighbour with a cup of coffee, because he’s wandering around in shorts and a t-shirt as if it’s the height of summer.

Untitled design (8).png

2. Finally making good on Dad’s Christmas gift: A day hiking in the mountains, followed by well-earned dinner and drinks with Moi (I’ve been slowly replacing material gifts for experiential ones). I realized at some point during the day that it’s been ages– years and years– since we spent this much time alone together. What better way to catch up properly than grind up a mountain and skitter back down through quickly-melting snow?

3. Building a pillow nest and spending eight hours reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on a chilly Wednesday. Since it’s a British book, I also consumed 6 or 7 cups of tea.

4. Getting out of my house to work at least three days a week. Instead of feeling like a prisoner of my own living room, I’ve been hopping on my bike and, dodging the odd puddle and persistence patch of ice, making my way downtown to various cafes, indulging in lattes as payment for an extended period of focus.

5. Writing creative stuff. All the books I’m reading has led to a natural surge in my desire to write! A friend and I have made a deal that we have to submit something creative to one another by Monday evening and meet each Thursday to discuss. The good thing about doing this weekly is that we’ve lost the seriousness and perfectionism that has prevented both of us from writing with abandon. We’ve been writing whatever strikes our fancy, trying out different styles and voices.

What did you have time for this month?