I want to help you write!

If you want to develop your writing skills, I am your biggest supporter. Here’s a secret: You are the best writer you can hire, because only you have your voice, your style, your mind, and your heart. Of course, it might not be efficient or economical to do all of your writing forever, but I guarantee that if you do the heavy lifting when it comes to discovering and writing your message to begin with, hiring and communicating your vision to a copywriter in the future will be about a thousand times easier.

Brittany is flexible, reliable and dedicated to her client. She treats your book as if it is her own while using your thoughts and words. She is a magician with words and structure.
— Dwayne Peace

Copy Coaching for Business

My coaching package includes three months of writing time and focused one-on-one support where you and I will dig deep, brainstorm, create a writing schedule that supports your needs, review your writing, and set you up for a successful writing future.

3-month package: $297

You will receive:

• 1 one-hour coaching session/month
• 1 writing review session/month, where we will review and edit a piece of your writing together, whether it is a blog, landing page, or series of social media posts
• Weekly materials: Learn how to stay focused, plan your content, keep your writing simple and inspiring, how to draw on your story, and how to structure your blogs and posts.

Get an optional Business Copy Book which includes two hour-long interviews with me to deep into your vision and story. You will get: A bio, 15 blog ideas, a personal style sheet, thinkers and professionals aligned with your beliefs, inspiring one-liners, thought-provoking questions to explore and bring to your community, and stress-free social media ideas. You’ll never want for inspiration again!

• My Business Copy Book: $697

Are you writing a book, and need motivation, inspiration, structure, and accountability to get the job done? It’s time to stop procrastinating and write your book. I offer book coaching in 3-month packages, during which time we will address your personal writing blocks, create writing structure to suit your lifestyle, and review your work as you go to ensure your writing flows, is fulfilling its purpose, and is engaging on all levels!

3-month package: $897 ($299/month)

You will receive:

• 2 one-hour coaching sessions/month
• Purpose document to lay the foundation of your book
• A weekly check-in between sessions for accountability
• Bi-weekly review of your writing
• A flexible strategy to keep you motivated and writing!

Book Coaching

Manuscript review

You have completed the first draft of your book. Congratulations! No one has really seen it yet, at least not a professional writer or editor. I offer a manuscript review service, which is a big-picture review of your book. This isn’t the time for nit-picky editing, but instead the time to examine strengths and weaknesses, areas where more development and clarity is needed, or inconsistencies that impact the flow. A manuscript review is a perfect opportunity to get to work tightening up that first draft so you can move onto the editing stage.

Book Editing

You completed a draft of your book, received feedback on it, and you’ve worked hard to create a finished product. It’s time for an editor! I offer different levels of editing, depending where you are: substantive/developmental editing for flow and consistency, copy-editing for clean, clear writing, and proofreading for the nitty gritty details before it’s time to publish.


Hiring a ghostwriter might be the perfect solution for you if you’ve been intending to write your book and you want to ensure it gets done! By hiring a ghostwriter, your book still has your name and spirit in it, but it will get done faster, and you don’t have to write a whole book yourself. I offering ghostwriting starting at 20 cents/word. If you’re interested in ghostwriting, or you’re not sure if it’s the right road for you, send me an inquiry!

One of the major downsides of hiring a ghostwriter (other than the price, which is more expensive than coaching and editing) is placing your trust into someone where you cannot be assured of good quality. So let me say this: I only agree to ghostwrite if I know I can do you and your book justice, after meeting you and discussing your vision in depth. If I feel like your book is out of my scope, I am always honest and will direct you to other resources.

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