yvonne winkler

Founder of the leep (Lotus emerging entrepreneur program)

“You’ll never receive a thoughtlessly crafted piece of writing from her.”

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Brittany is one of my favourite people on Team Lotus because she brings a fresh perspective and useful insights into our collaborations. Brittany’s genuine curiosity in all things “life” make our content curation sessions colourful, fun, and on point. She helps me speak my mind and put my thoughts into context that can then be enjoyed by my community. In the year we’ve now worked together, I’ve watched Brittany really embrace her gifts as a storyteller and teacher. She’s clear on her values, desires and feelings and often lets them be the muse for her next piece of writing.

Brittany is reliable, sensitive, sensible, contemplative, intuitive and has both feet on the ground. What I’ve come to appreciate most about her is that she cares, above all, about understanding what I’m all about and what I want to say with my content. You’ll never receive a thoughtlessly crafted piece of writing from her.


Robyn Hounjet

founder & CEO of Studio Co-creative

“When I read the first draft of what she wrote, it brought tears to my eyes - it so beautifully captured all that I was thinking and feeling.”


I was hung up on creating copy for our new program, BEGIN, so I knew I had to call Brittany. I had seen the amazing work she did for other “soulpreneurs”, and I trusted her to help me get over my writer’s block.

We began our process with an interview, which really just felt like a conversation with a friend. She asked thought-provoking questions, and injected her own answers/wisdom when relevant. Starting with that long conversation allowed me to get everything out of my head (and heart!); she then took all of it and made it flow in both a logical and beautiful way.

When I read the first draft of what she wrote, it brought tears to my eyes - it so beautifully captured all that I was thinking and feeling. It also really helped that Brittany deeply understands my target market, which gave her writing that extra boost of insight.

Brittany is someone who I trust to understand her subject matter deeply and write about it from an authentic and imaginative perspective. She is both highly professional and someone you can enjoy spending time with - which is why I now recommend her to my clients and partners.

Amy monea

founder of heard wellness through horses

“She really works to maintain the integrity of who I am and what I want to portray, and makes it so much easier to read and follow than if I had written it.” 

I reached out to Brittany at the recommendation of a friend, as I had shared my desire to write a book. I have always loved writing; however, finding the time to do it and having no experience writing a book made it feel quite overwhelming. Over time our work together focused more on writing blog posts for my website.

I really appreciate Brittany. First off is her warm and positive personality. Seeing her face on a Zoom call or “hearing” her voice in an email is always a welcome motivator. Her focus is really on learning who I am, what I believe in and what my vision is for my work. It’s NEVER about me fitting her model, rather how she could match her services to what I’m looking for, including my budget!

Her skills in writing, researching and editing... every time I received a draft from her I was almost overwhelmed with emotion as the words felt like they fell right out of my head! She really works to maintain the integrity of who I am and what I want to portray, and makes it so much easier to read and follow than if I had written it. 

It was so hard to delegate the writing part of my work... I felt so vulnerable playing this piece in someone else’s hands. Brittany was so incredibly warm and supportive that I never doubted my decision and felt that she added incredible value to what I had started with. She is a joy to work with and I would place any future copy projects in her capable and caring hands. 


dwayne peace

public speaker, founder of Life synergy for youth, & author of “parenting with eyes wide open”

Brittany is flexible, reliable and dedicated to her client.  She treats your book as if it is her own while using your thoughts and words. She is a magician with words and structure.”


When I first met Brittany, I knew that she was the one to help me write my book.  She was easygoing, a fantastic listener, and had a gift with words that I do not possess. As I had never written a book before, she was able to guide me through this process and answer all of my questions. She was comfortable that I did not have an end date in mind and was open with ideas and suggestions knowing that I had the final word. Many readers of my book have commented on how they hear my voice on every page.

Brittany kept me on task, allowed for new information to be placed in the book, and knew where it should go. She had great suggestions of what areas required additional information and where there was too much.

Brittany took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and listen to a 3-hour presentation in front of an audience to get a better feel for my passion, and how to inject that into the book. She was able to take my raw passion and use words to allow the reader to clearly understand the message. When I would ask a question that she did not know the answer to, she would research it and get back to me about what she found.

Anne McCormick

founder of discover your bali

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A little over a year ago I was attempting to create a website and a social media presence. I was failing at creating copy… I was caught up in too much detail and no heart and soul.

On a recommendation from one of her clients, I connected with Brittany. Even though I felt I had little information to share with Brittany I was blown away by her first draft, it was as if she was in my head. It was everything I was attempting to create. 

Brittany continues to surprise and amaze me with her talent and creativity. She has often created copy for me even when I’m not sure what I am attempting to say.

Brittany has been invaluable to me. I feel that she has a genuine interest in my vision and truly understands what I am creating in my business. I highly recommend Brittany as she is creative, has an easygoing manner. and delivers excellent content.